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Seasonal TIre Storage

Store Your Tires Safe And Sound All Year Round

Let the experts handle all the dirty work, in business since 2015, Corbix Tire Storage has put together an experienced team equipped to ensure that your business continues to perform like a well tuned engine. Working together towards a common goal of continued growth and success, is the reason why many Dealerships and Mechanic shops trust Corbix Tire Storage with their business.

Corbix Tire Storage has developed its own user-friendly tire software to meet the needs of its Customers and can be tailored to specific requirements if necessary. This allows a better understanding of your inventory, your customers, and their needs.

With real time tracking – the tire can be tracked from the minute it is the system; the location, requested date and time, whether its been picked up or out for delivery, to when it’s been dropped off.

Corbix Tire Storage can help you save time and space. Currently operating out of a 30,000+ square foot facility – Call ahead to have your tires picked up and or dropped off anywhere you have your tires swapped.

Corbix Tire Storage works with many tire shops and Automotive dealerships by providing full Tire Storage soultuions allowing businesses to grow! Corbix Storage can store all your existing inventory while allowing room for expansion without sacrificing space in the service bay, or outside in the parking lot trying to store them in containers.

Services Provided In Our Facility

Store Your Tires Safe and Sound All Year Round

  • Climate Controlled Facilities
  • Dedicated Drop Pickup-Times
  • Fully Insured
  • Multi Unit Discount
  • Winter Season 6 month Contract
  • Yearly Contract

Personal And Commerical Tire Storage Solutions

  • Full Remote Security Monitoring
  • Real Time Tracking of Tires
  • We Do The Heavy Lifting
  • Tire Wash Included
  • Tire Inspection
  • Next Day Pick-up And Delivery