Secure Winter/Summer/Longterm Parking Facility for Auto/Marine/RV/Commerical additional services including Transport/Detailing & Tire Storage Serving the GTA & Golden Horseshoe.

Are you worried about what you are going to do with your boat when the snow and ice hits? Frustrated that you have no more room in your garage? Overwhelmed by the high premiums you would pay to store your boat at a marina? 

The easiest and most secure solution would be a boat storage facility. Choosing to store your boat indoors comes at a higher price; however it will ensure your boats safety from the elements.

The facility has a ceiling height of 16 ft and bays that are 32 ft wide and 2 custom built oversized drive-in doors measuring 16x16 –this allows us to be able to store those large boats that just won’t fit anywhere else.

We request that all boats be free of algae/mussels, holding tanks and water tanks empty; and fuel tanks as low as possible to avoid fire hazard.

Due to insurance regulations; we are a non-mechanical storage facility, if you require space to work on a boat, please contact the Head Office.

Complimentary Services:


  • Battery Trickler Charger, if required
  • Disconnect Battery
  • Tires checked and properly inflated
  • Visual Safety Check


  • Check Tire Pressure & Inflate if required
  • Connect Battery and check for charge
  • Tires checked and properly inflated
  • Visual Safety Check


Winter Storage

Our winter storage season is an 8 month term, starting Oct 1st and ends May 31st.  As boats are placed for maximum storage, first boats in will most likely be the last boats out. If you require your boat out before end of the winter storage season, please let our staff know.

We are boaters serving boaters and understand our customer’s needs.