Secure Winter/Summer/Longterm Parking Facility for Auto/Marine/RV/Commerical additional services including Transport/Detailing & Tire Storage Serving the GTA & Golden Horseshoe.
All The Features You Want, All In One Place. With a total of 79,900 square feet of enclosed, weather-tight, highly secured, and single purpose. We only store vehicles. Whether it's a classic, antique, race or specialty car or truck, we store it. The facility is heated and air cooled with an air-conditioned office and meeting room.
Facility Services Provided
  • Discreet, convenient location
  • 1080p HD Cameras
  • Battery Tending
  • On-Site Detailing
  • Access to automotive lifts
  • Spare wheel/tire storage
  • Exterior wash included if not being detailed
  • Disconnect battery/Trickle Charging
  • Check Tire pressure
  • Fuel Treament if required
Requirements when in storage
  • Vehicle must be in running condition
  • Vehicle must be owned by you or your family
  • We require a copy of the key for any vehicle
  • Vehicle that drips must have drip pan
  • Vehicle must be insured by owner
  • Vehicle will be inspected upon entry and exit