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Indoor Motorhome Parking

Corbix Offers Full Service Indoor Parking For All Your Personal & Commercial Needs

All the features you want, all in one place. Enclosed, weather-tight, highly secured, and single purpose. We only store motorhomes within the parking area. Save time and money with indoor heated motorhome parking and no need to winterize. All types of motorhomes we store it. The facility is heated and air cooled.

By appointment drop off and pickup. This gives us the required time to safely pull the equipment from storage and perform the outgoing services: check tire pressure, wash etc.

For scheduling purposes we request a phone call 24 hour in advance so we can have the equipment ready for pick up.

Facility Services Provided

Secure Facility for Parking of Your Motorhome And Travel Trailers

  • Full Remote Security Monitoring
  • Battery tending
  • On-Site water filling
  • Vehicle storage
  • Exterior wash included if not being detailed
  • Disconnect battery/Trickle Charging
  • Check Trailer Tire pressure
  • Fuel Treament if required
  • Trailer or Craddle Parking
  • Seasonal Tire Storage
  • Motorhome Valet & Trailer Transport
  • Multi Unit Discount
  • Winter Season 6 month Contract
  • Yearly Contract with access

Moving into Facility

Motorhome Inbound Protocols

  • Exterior wash
  • Battery Maintainer connected.
  • Check Tire pressure
  • Fuel Treament if required
  • Remove items that may mildew or corrode and store outside motorhome
  • Tank dumping onsite

    Leaving the Facility

    Motorhome Outbound Protocols

    • Fill Water Tanks
    • Exterior wash
    • Battery Maintainer disconnected.
    • Veryify battery charge
    • Visual safety check