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What We Do

We Are Your Secure Facility for Parking of your Vehicles

You have found the finest Indoor parking facility for your RV, Motorhome, 5th Wheel, Trailer, Boat and Car. Fully secure, and outfitted with cameras, lasers, alarms and motion detectors. Parking your vehicles indoors is the best way to preserve the value of your asset. As experienced owners we take great pride in securing and adding value to your vehicle.

Parking in the Facility

We wash and hand dry all vehicles, check your tires, and charge your batteries when needed every time you return your vehicle to us—all included in our pricing.

We Care For Your Vehicle Like We Do Our Own

When it comes to indoor parking, you can count on Corbix Storage to take the utmost care of your valuable vehicle. Whether it’s indoor vehicle parking, indoor boat parking or parking your motorhome in our facility, you can expect a level of service that is above and beyond the rest. We are the premier indoor parking facility.

Safe and Secure Staging Area

Our “staging area” secure, fully fenced, fully lighted with an electronically controlled gate and video recorded surveillance. As a customer, you receive a personal code to gain access to the “staging area”. Using your code you are then free to come and go on your own schedule, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (coming online spring 2021. Until then we have staff on-site 24hrs a day).

We Prep Your Car / RV / Boat for Long & Short Term Parking

Prior to moving your vehicle into the facility, it is given a quick hand-wash and hand-dried from the top down. After we follow a shutdown list tailored to your specific needs. Batteries charged, tires aired up, if needed and covered (if supplied). All are designed to enhance your worry free enjoyment of your car.

Easy Vehicle Pick-Up

When you want to use your car / RV / boat, simply call or email ahead (we appreciate a day) and let us know when you need it. Your RV, Motorhome, 5th Wheel, Trailer, Boat or Vehicle will then be prepped for pick-up.

Appointment Only Vehicle Pick-up & Drop-Off

With what’s going on today, all Pick-up & Drop off are scheduled by appointment only. We take your health as seriously as we take vehicle parking.

Our Old Facility

Version 2.0 Build Out Begins Summer 2021

In 2015 we built a custom facility to house our clients vehicles. With the growth over the years it became apparent that we would need to upgrade our space. Spring 2021 we will begin our build out of our new location. Here are a few images of what our old facility and how it looked and how the new location will match with much more parking space.

recent news

Due to COVID-19 we have delayed moving into the new facility until spring 2021. In the meantime with our head lease expiring we have relocated back into our overflow parking facility located in Oakville. We expect to be in the new facility Spring 2021. This ensures we are still able to provide 100% services during COVID-19 and maintain enough parking spaces for Fall 2020.

We would like thank all of our clients for their support during the facility move. We are now running 100% out of our overflow facility and will be sending out the Fall 2020 move-in broadcast over the coming weeks.

Welcome to the new Corbix Storage Website. We wanted to take a moment and let everyone know that the new site is now up and running and starting Oct 1st we will be accepting bookings for the Fall 2020 move-in season

Time has gone by so fast we are here in Oct already. You are now able to book your parking space online. Check our Services page for details.